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About Kheti Business – Kheti Business is an agricultural portal where information about Kheti Bari is available. Farmers can get information related to farming fence here. Information of government schemes is also available on this website.

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How to do farming – Technological farming is very important in modern India. Cultivation cannot be done without knowledge. Even today, there are farmers in India who have knowledge of farming. All the farmers can get all the information related to Khet Bari on this agriculture portal.

Government schemes – The government brings many schemes to increase the income of farmers, but it does not reach the farmer. Through this website, farmers can get information about government schemes and take advantage of them.

Agriculture News – Here, along with the government schemes, the farmer is going to get news of the farming market like what is the mood in the market today.

Kheti Business Website Owner ?

  • Website Name – Khetibusiness.com
  • Founder And CEO of Kheti Business – Vikash Saini
  • Business Email – Khetibusiness@gmail.com
  • 2 + Team Members Mange Kheti Business Website

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About Founder And CEO of Kheti Business

The Kheti Business Agriculture Portal was launched by Vikash Saini on 07/05/2020. Vikash Saini is the founder and CEO of kheti Business Business.

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Founder and CEO of Kheti Business